Sunday, January 4, 2009

In the Beginning

The home page for our Two Block Diet experiment is here!
We are a mixed basket of veggies in the Mount Pleasant Area of Vancouver, B.C. who all share the same interest: growing more food close to home, in gardens that are free of harmful chemicals, attractive to pollinators, and a delight to be in for people of all ages. We want our children to learn that food came from the earth before it came from the supermarket, and have a great time doing it. And we aim to support other neighbourhoods to do the same.
We have already met twice to discuss the endless possibilities, and have come up with some pretty solid plans, including a community compost system, a tomato haven, a culinary and medicinal herb space, and oodles more.
This is a good place to keep up on our progress, as I will be posting pictures, notes, resources, and plans for the future here.


Cynthia said...

Hi Julia-- was so excited to read about your "2-Block" Diet... what a wonderful adventure in co-operation and vision!
My husband grew up at 178 17th just between Main and Quebec and his mother and stepdad had a fabulous veg garden in the day, as well as being long-standing composters and growers of herbs (for teas, etc.) and picky vegs like leeks (that have to be taken out in the fall-- imagine!)Their yard is now a condo I think... has been for years. Sad waste of all that amended soil, but ppl. must have shelter as well.
All the best!
are you blogging somewhere else now by chance?

good diet plan said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It's always valuable when people collect data over the time period you have. I wish you luck with your new endeavor. Please keep us up to date.

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