Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meeting of the Minds

We had our third meeting today, and as always, we had a galloping goulash of ideas and inspiration from every corner. We discussed everything from cedar compost bins to cold frames, chickens to butterfly gardens.

Some things to check back for in the very near future:

-Meeting minutes
-Compost bin plans
-Seed catalog
-Two Block Diet Gardening Handbook with information on edible flowers, green building techniques, small-scale permaculture, bee-keeping, and growings of all sorts.

The snow is piling up outside, but there is plenty of groundwork to be laid before the first seed is planted anyways, so we can enjoy the frozen landscape.

It's really exciting to be involved in such a diverse group.

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Liz McLellan said...

Hey guys!

You are living the dream! I have built a site centered on helping groups like yours flourish! It's called You can set up public or private groups to organize what I've been calling 'yard sharing' arrangements.

I would be really honored if you used my site as an extension of your organizing, and as a means for you guys to communicate as individual group members to yourselves, but also to the world. In this way - everyone who is part of the experience can tell us all what's working, how much fun is being had, what deliciousness has occurred!

You are pioneers and the members of my site are looking for examples and real experiences on how to proceed! Most are really anxious to get going but it's all so new.

Either way - BEST of luck to you guys!

Just to be clear Hyperlocavore is a free yard sharing community I built to support this practice, and to help suburban farmers get CSA clients and access to land.

Happy Digging!
liz mclellan