Saturday, June 6, 2009

Clotheslines and Bees

Hello All! My apologies for such slow posting - I have been away the month of May and as always, there are more things to be DONE than blogged about.

Lots of work parties have happened in my absence - anyone with pics and/or short write-ups, please send as it would be great to put up on the site.

This morning's work party was to get clotheslines up and/or fixed in 3 different locations. We managed 2 and hope that if a deck can be replaced, then the 3rd one can go up (now that we are all such pros at the installation).

Kate mentioned in passing that perhaps we can extend our Two-Block "Diet" to include environmental responsibility. We can all help and support one another to install energy reducing systems (like clotheslines!!) and ways to ease the strain we all put on resources. I like it!

I see solar panels and wind turbines in our future. And I don't see how the installation of those could be any more complicated than a clothesline....

During this activity, the BEES arrived at Catherine's house. Yay! Brian delivered a small white hive teeming with Italian Bees. Had we known they were going to be Italian, we would have greeted them with cappuccinos and a celebratory Tiramisu. Instead we came with a camera and a lot of enthusiasm.

We were warned that the bees might be a little angry when Brian pulled the top of the hive off but they must have felt all the love surrounding them because no furious swarming happened. Brian got a wee bite and that was all. The bees must have realized how beautiful of a garden their new home was.

It is official, the Two-Block Diet has its own apiary.

A quick update from Kate:

1. Weve received a neighbourhood small grant toward the Bee hive!!

2. Weve received a neighbourhood small grant for the Compost system!!

3. Rin has written an awesome article about the Two Block Diet that will appear in an upcoming issue of Edible Vancouver

4. Julia did a presentation about the TBD at the Great Turning Un-conference (May 23rd), organized by Be The Change Earth Alliance

Write-up about Rin's amazing workshop that took place here at 35 E. 24th to come!


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Andrea @ Become a Consultant Blog said...

What an awesome story! I've been toying with leaving downtown and moving to an area like this. You've given me great hope that I can still have that sense of community and maybe take part in small things that help change the world.

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