Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sun Article

Well, after a long blog silence, we're dusting the cobwebs off the keyboard to share this exciting article on the front page of the Vancouver Sun! The garden tenders look thrilled with their beautiful haul of tomatoes, just in time to be spared from the inevitable monsoon season on the west coast. Who would have imagined that tiny seeds could sprout into such big ideas?!

We are planning to blog somewhat more regularly, so thanks to those of you who are still following and we look forward to a fruitful winter of planning and planning some more.


taylorgirl6 said...

As someone hoping to start up a similar project in my own neighborhood, I'm really looking forward to all you've got to offer! Congrats on the news article!

chris said...

HI folks,

Trying this for a third time!

Is there a 'non-comment' way to send you folks an email? I'd like to invite you to an urban farming I am hosting.



p.s. keep on blogging...

john smith said...

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